To register your student with Redbank Valley School District, you must use your ParentVUE account as well as gather the required documents and information to input into ParentVUE and share with the district.

Getting Started

  1. Gather the required information you will need for online registration.  This includes: Your student's name and current address, the parent/guardian name(s) and contact information, emergency contact information, and all known health information for the student including contact information for the student's doctor and dentist.  This information should also include any known health conditions the student may have and a list of medications, if applicable.
  2. Parents who already have students enrolled at RVSD should check their email for a link sent to them concerning creating a new ParentVUE account for themselves and confirming their student(s) enrollment information online.
  3. For parents of new students to the district, please click on the link to the right called "Create Your ParentVUE Account" to begin the process of creating your account and enrolling your student with Redbank Valley.

New students being enrolled to the district MUST provide several hard copy documents to the district office, including:

  • The student's birth certificate or baptismal certificate
  • Proof of residence - This can include a current PA driver's license, a deed or mortgage payment receipt, a current property tax bill, a current lease or housing agreement, or a current utility bill
  • The student's immunization card
  • The address and phone number of the school the student last attended, if applicable
  • Custodial documentation, if applicable

For information concerning how Redbank Valley School District handles student records, or to request a student record, please click here to visit our District Policies page.