The Redbank Valley School Board has made the following information available concerning the 2020 Redbank Valley School District Tax Referendum.  Please click on the following links to review the available information and to see the Referendum Question for your county.  Please direct all questions concerning the tax referendum to

Tax Referendum Calculator

A tax increase calculator has been prepared by the district to allow school district residents to see how the tax referendum would affect their current tax levels.  Please click the supplied link to download the calculator to your PC.  The calculator was created in Microsoft Excel and will require that program to be opened.  In the event you wish to use the calculator but do not have access to Microsoft Excel at home, please visit the Redbank Valley Public Library to use one of their computers or visit the Redbank Valley High School, where a computer will be supplied for public use to access the calculator.  If you have questions regarding this calculator or the tax referendum itself, please send an email to