The school district’s negotiations committee met with the teachers’ negotiations committee last night. We informed them that the District was unwilling to accept their last offer but was willing to advance its last five year contract proposal by another $100,000 in additional money to settle the two contracts. This was done as a way to seek a middle ground compromise and keep increases in expenses matched with increases in tax revenue. We offered to work together during the session to find a way to structure a salary increase and benefit plan that would meet this new total expense increase. We committed to then incorporate this mutually produced plan into a new formal offer for this month. Unfortunately, they were unwilling to do so. The District will consequently put together a formal offer on its own which will meets its budgetary limits and will present this offer later this month.

In addition, we met with the support staff negotiations committee and suggested a compromise on copays. They did not agree. Nonetheless, we plan to make a formal offer to this group this month as well. 

~ Chad Shaffer, Negotiations Committee Chair

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